Interactive & Media

I've worked as an Art Director, Creative lead, Designer, Animator, and Information Architect on a variety of projects. I began this work in 1997, since 2013 as I've only done a bit of freelance since I've shifted my focus to teaching.


Selected web sites*:
Information Architecture and design for award winning website. Over 1200 videos helping teachers and parents learn tools and techniques to help children with autism.
Website design for world renowned virologist.
Design of website for a national group of Art Museum Curators, website includes exensive search capabilities enabling members to located specialists nationwide.

Pip Squeak Chapeau
Design and Flash programming for Children’s clothing line.

Art Direction and design for online gallery of the Siggraph 2005 Art Show.

Hale House
Design and programming for the Hale House, a non-profit child care agency in Harlem.

DVC Worldwide
Redesign of Interactive and Marketing agency’s corporate website.
Design and coding for interior designer Kim Smart. With the launch of the website her client list doubled within a month. She now procures 80% of her business from the website alone.

Fresh Kills: Landfill to Landscape
Art direction and Flash work for the Fresh Kills: Landfill to Landscape site. This site was the main resource for information about the Landfill for entrants to the international competition.

Design of rollout and promotional websites to launch the new Sprint ION service.
Art Direction, design and Flash animation for a website as a virtual memorial for the over 2,000 victims of the AIDS virus in the visual and performing arts. The site ran for the month of December,1998


Rock Star Mickey:
Concept, IA, and design for iPhone app to promote Fisher Price / Disney’s Rock Star Mickey toy. This app had four modules; a dress up game, a photoshoot with Rock Star Mickey, video clips from the most popular songs, and an interactive guitar.

Dance Star Mickey:
Design for Online game and app to promote Mickey as a contestant on a reality TV dance comptetiton. Players could create their own dances using a selection of Mickey’s moves.


The X-Files: Unrestricted Access:
Art Direction, design, animation, and video editing of CD-ROM and web hybrid product for Fox Interactive based on the television series. "...Unrestricted's design is as compelling as it is foreboding, consistent with The X-Files' gorgeous gloom." Entertainment Weekly, April 10, 1998.

Scientific American: Illusion:
Art Direction, design, animation, manager of production art staff and 3D animators. CD-ROM on human perception based on two Scientific American texts; Perception by Irvin Rock, and Eye, Brain, and Vision by David Hubel.
"...molto-cool, sci-fi look at the way the inside of your head works..." Time digital, July/Aug 1997
"...'Illusion' is not only informative but even inspiring..." Los Angeles Times, June 10, 1997
"...A disk with 20-20 mindsight..." Newsweek, Aug. 18, 1997.

The Pearl and The Red Pony:
Art Direction, design, video editing, manager of production artists. "Gem on a disk..." awarded 4 stars, HOME PC magazine, Feb., 1997


Toffler Associates:
Future States: Animated presentation of global threat assesment to Boeing Corporation

40 Year Tribute:
Tribute to Alvin and HeidiToffler on the 40th anniversary of the publication of Future Shock

McGrawHill Construction:
Video promotion for new website shown at trade shows and other sales events (2006)

Hale House Center: 35 years of Caring
Video production and editing for Hale House Center’s promotional video, screened at their 35th anniversary gala. (2004)

Guggenheim Museum: Day Without Art
Video memorial wall for the over 2,000 artists and designers who have died of the Aids virus. This was the first installation on the 40’ long x 10’ high video wall at the Guggenheim Museum Soho. (1997)

MTV: poetic fragments
Video animation of story fragments for MTV, aired in the fall of 1998.